About us

About our company and it mission

GlobalCommer Ltd is a trading/wholesale company registered and operating in Poland. Our geographical location in the middle of Europe and our relationship network make us very attractive business partners.

Our values that we strongly belive in, are trust, partnership and mutual benefits. Therefore, we tend to build longterm relationships with our business partners. We try to win our clients’ loyalty by individually designed service systems responding to their needs, and, most of all, good prices. GlobalCommer Ltd also tends to offer a wide range of supplement products.

Our mission is to deliver quality products with a high quality of service at really low prices. To achive that GlobalCommer Ltd employs well educated and experienced staff that is constantly willing to help the customers – wholesalers, distributors and multiple stores. Our purchasing staff is permanently looking for new suppliers and better offers; we are still improving our purchasing prices so that we can become even more competitive on
the market.

We are permanently looking for  new customers and would be delighted to send our offer.


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